Monday, May 02, 2016

Traveler's Notebooks

I have a slight obsession with leather notebooks. But I wasn't using them because I didn't want to waste the paper in them. I didn't want to write something "unworthy" of the leather. There is something more permanent about the leather compared to a hard paper covered book. 

Midori Traveler's Notebooks caused a sensation and a multitude of spin offs. You could have the feel of leather in your hands and place any book in them. From throw away notebooks to heavy watercolour paper.
They are customizable and changeable. I need a calendar 9 months of the year usually. Undated is bet for me as some months are soo quiet.
Bullet Journals, planners, Bible study notes, book reviews, project ideas, scarapbooky "junk journals....wallets, folders. It is really endless.
In the past I have bought new calenders and planners. Money was spent from Franklin Covey to Target. And I did not use them a whole year. I felt guilty about my failure to track my life on paper.
Traveler's Notebooks work for me. I can slid a calendar in when I need it. I can toss in sketching and drawing notebooks, add a wallet, keep my passport in one. Fill one with the crazy things my kids say, or the things my husband says from one of his pulpits.
I can write down ideas and toss out the bad ones. I can doodle and sketch and brain dump.
What is a Traveler's notebook (TN) you might be wondering. Essentially it is a flap of leather or fabric with some elastic string. I know, it doesn't  sound like much. But there are different types, different sizes, different leathers and colours...
...and an addiction is born.

I have been lucky in most of mine have been from clearance sales or I found them 2nd hand and never been used.
I own mostly TNS from FoxyFix, 1 (red) from Onica Hanby, and 2 from China via ebay. I still feel a bit guilty about the ones from China. What toxins might be in the leather? Were they made by slaves?

4 of my kids have a TN. (Amazon sets for $29.95) Talia sketches during shul in hers or writes song lyrics. Cha─ź sketches landscapes, writes music or writes out his dash for the Torah parsha in his. Kezzie draws. Zem writes stories and draws and keeps notes. Jaden doesnt think he would actually use one and I am not sure if Tirzah actually uses hers or if it stares at her from her desk at college. They have figured out out to make their own inserts, utilizing long reach staplers and paper trimmers.

Here are some examples of the sizes:
The small ones: No.s 1-5 (or passport, pocket, le petite,  A6 perfect bound, and 5x7)

The larger ones are No.s 6, 6.5, and 7. (or Regular, Reg Extra Room, and Wide

The Onica Hanby REX is slightly wider than the other REXs. It is going to keep notes and stories rom A Tour of Roses teams.
It holds  standard midori insert and 1-2 caheir or picadilly notebook.

The wide has a larger variety of sizes I can throw in it. 7 or 8 standard midori inserts or 4 picadilly inserts. This is my general note taking book for classes.

The wanderlust butterscotch passport accompanied me across Israel, held my passpoet, kept track of the itinerary and receipts. Fits in my purse.
I think I would have liked the pocket over the passport. It is slightly taller. Plus now there are pockets and pen loops now.

I am not crazy about the bay leather. The 5x7 got marked up by something oily via a kid. The smaller was a clearance item so the leather is not typical of the smooth semi gloss bay leathers...coarse and bumpy.
I love the yellow for happy thoughts. It is fun and carefree.

The Le Voyager Abyss is thick, pliable and a tad heavier. It is made from buffalo leather. These two are decadent. I feel more serious writing in it. It has work projects and career stuffs.

Yellow REX or No. 6.5 vs Wide or No. 7

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