Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Knit-From-Stash 2017

Happy first day of Winter!
As we get ready for the next year of socks, Knit-From-Stash begins in just 10 days (under group events).
Clean off those sock needles, pick out your stash for next year!

In 2016 the theme was Botanics, for 2017 our Theme is Stonework. This will cover everything from Pebbles to Gem Stones. Our "while you wait pattern is Stromboli, after volcanic activity not a cartoon Character.

How do I prepare for Knit-From-Stash?
Using 12 containers of mystery (paper bags, can, boxes), 12 skeins of sock yarn are selected. (100g/400yds) These 12 are mixed up and then labeled by month. You are surprised by what is in the package and then challenge yourself by knitting up that yarn in its designated month. (I upload the pattern the last day of the previous month so you can cast on ON the 1st). Some of the yarn choices were a bit wild. I am always amazed at how combinations of yarn and patterns that would not have been typically chosen, turned out rather well. Stripes always surprise me.
This is not a "Learn how to knit" KAL, but there is a great community who is willing to help you out if you get stuck....or if something needs clarification.

Stash Yarns: You may have enough stash to knit 5 yrs of socks, you may not have sock yarn in your stash. If you do not have a stash collection bagged up and ready before January 1 OR you want to pick a yarn for each pattern, this is OK. Go for it!

One of the lovely ideas I saw was to pull yarns in 2017 Pantone colours.

The Patterns: While you can use any pattern for Knit-From-Stash, to qualify for the year end basket of goodies, they must be from one of the 3 collections: Abundance/2015, Botanics/2016, or Stonework/2017.
The pattern collection has 2 options this year: 7 for half a year, 15 for a full year ($90 value). This way if you found a sock a month to be overwhelming, you can scale it back to every other month.
The half year and every other full year patterns will be exclusive to the collection and not available for individual purchase.

Beginning Dec 24 all the way thru Dec 31, all my patterns will be on sale 50% off with Coupon code: LoveYouLatkes

(Mid January 2017 both collections will be full price: Half $30, Full $60)

More ideas from last year:

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