Thursday, September 08, 2016

The Little Foxes

Foxes have been coming up a lot in our convos lately.
We watched the little prince on netflix and I told the kids how much i liked it and that it was not as creepy as the version from my childhood. I showed them clips of the movie of course. When Gene Wilder died they had a new refernce for him as Mr. Fox and not just Willy Wonka.

Because we love Mt Lassen Volcanic National Park, we drive up often for a hike or picnic. We actually saw a fox! Mt Lasssen has these lovely foxes, Sierra Nevada foxes or High Sierra foxes.
Turns our that they are an endangered species. Fewer than 48 live in the Lassen forest.

and of course Foxy-Fix gets a chunk of my money.

So we decided we needed more foxes in our lives.

Presenting Gilbert, a foxy bookmark. I spent all day trying to think of a name. Tali came in and said, oh he is Gilbert, cuz he is the colour of carrots. Well, you just can not argue with the Anne of Green Gables logic. And she did not know that the Space Cadet Yarns colourway is called "Headstrong" for a certain obstinate, headstrong girl. Perfection.

He is just a whimsical little bit of fun for TaliTamale. But we hope you will like him, too.

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