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Knitty and Cast Ons

I love
I think most knitters out there owe their first real projects to either Debbie Stoller of Stitch'N'Bitch or to Amy Singer of knitty. They are the ones who got us casting on stitches, making nose warmers and pixie hats. They taught us the things we wished our great grandmothers had handed down BUT without making us feel 'less' for wanting to make hats and socks and sweaters.

It has been a while since I was able to sit down and submit a project to knitty. I even submitted this one as I was getting packed to fly to the middle east this spring. Thankfully Amy and Kate were gracious in the midst of a total 13 plane flights, 2 kids to pack for college, school shopping, emergency room visits and the literal CHAOS that is the Walker way of life. So Candied Violets came to life. I think this is my 4th pattern for knitty.

Candied Violets first came about while I was twisting mini skeins with my friend Brenda, in preparation for TNNA Winter show in San Diego. That skein of yarn, Candied Violets in a cashmere blend. LOVE at first touch.

We started reminiscing about the french candies and one thing lead to another which lead to socks.
I knew they would be amazing, but at the same time, photographing rich colors can be a challenge. Thankfully, at TNNA I grabbed a skein of a complimentary pale purple coloured yarn from Anzula.

This way you can see the rich yumminess and see the stitches clearly.
I really didnt have to worry too much, the both yarns are primo stuff and stitch definition was not an issue.

Now here is what I really want to talk about.
 2 Colour Frilled cast on, or as we have to spell for Americans, 2 Color Frilled cast on.

Remember when I made a crazy twist and did a 2 colour channel island cast on for Sockupied? THIS is not as crazy, I promise. Just a little twist.

Here is the fancy tech'd instructions:

2-Color Frilled Cast On: Keeping about an 8 inch/20cm tail for seaming, make slip knot from both MC and CC held together. This slip knot will be undone after cast on is complete. Set up as if for Long Tail CO, keeping CC on left (over thumb) and MC on Right (over fingers). *CO 4 stitches. Lift sts one at a time over last st cast on (stitch 1) in this order st #2 over, st #3 over, St #4 over. Cast on 1 more stitch. This makes 1 pair of stitches. Repeat from * until you have the correct number of stitch pairs.

Let's go thru this step by step. Cuz I know you are brave knitters who can make awesome things out of string....and I don't want you to be afraid of a silly cast on. Especially when it looks so pretty.

Instead of making a slip knot in one yarn, you are doing it with both yarns held together.

There are 2 colours, the main sock colour and the colour you want to be the 'icing'. MC is main colour, CC is colour change...i think that is what it stands for maybe it is like crazy colour or something. Whatever you want to call it, the icing colour must stay in the same place in order to get the effect, over your thumb. Your main sock colour goes over your fingers just like you are using a long tail cast on.

Now in the above photo, can you see the little ridges and eyelets? Ok, we are going to be doing some extra work to ge these stitches, but the cool thing is you only have to do it for half the stitches that you actually want. So we need to cast on 4 stitches and play a bit of leap frog, one stitch at a time, DO NOT do them all at once.

Then with yarns back in place, icing over thumb and sock over fingers, cast on 1 stitch. This gives you 1 pair of sts. As you go, the stitches will pair up in little sets of 2 which will make them easy to count. If I want 64 sts I need 16 pairs or 32 sts.

You will knit into the front and back of each of the 32 sts which will give you 64 sts. Although it is a little stretchy, this part of the sock is done with the larger size needle.


Susanne said...

Hi, love your sock pattern in Knitty. Looking at your website, I tried clicking the "contact" link but it doesn't seem to work...I am interested in the sock pattern "Rombikiri" and when I click the link to Ravelry it doesn't seem to be available for sale. Can you enlighten me...? I really L.O.V.E. the pattern! Thanks for your attention
Susanne in Edmonton, AB.

Dee said...

Is there an error on the second size of this pattern.

If you cast on 30 and kfb --- you would have 60 stitches, not 64, right?

My email is deek14873 (at) gmail (dot) com

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