Monday, September 05, 2016

August and September socks

August kinda went crazy on me.
One boy returned from his summer adventures on the east coast. He was 22 mons when we moved away from Baltimore. It was so much fun to be on the phone with him. "are you taking the bridge or the tunnel?" and " "as you cross the bridge you will see sparrow's point and the old steel mill where your dad worked on computers for moving molten hot lava like steel" and ft mchenry. and then all the monuments of DC and then Philadelphia.
Then the older boy decided to apply to college on a whim, get accepted, get a scholarship, and move 3180 miles 3 wks from applying!
In the midst of this was the last of the summer camps and getting our oldest daughter back to school in Chicago and our smallest starting 5th grade.

So I forgot to post about August Socks for Knit-From-Stash 2016 (botanics)

Entomophily   are really more entomology than botany. Enotmophily is the pollination process of plants that involves insects. So these socks have  a larger bee motif down the center and tiny bee borders. but the thing I love most is this floral cuff! I adore it and it was totally worth translating from russian and then modifying the math and remaking it for knitting in the round.

and yes, after all those pictures and lettering, i noticed the tail end of my cast on was not woven in!
so that is a little bit of verifiable hand knit evidence right there.

Honestly I kinda collapsed after the littlest started school. and I did not post the pattern the last day of August like I should have. Thank you to everyone for being gracious.

Darlingtonia was a little easy flowing sock after Entomphily, and designed to use up all your sock scraps and/or mini skeins. Darlingtonia is a striped variety of carnivorous lily. This pattern will eat up your yarn bits, and it has this addictive flow so it knits up rather quickly.

Look at this lovely version from Robyn1960 in a single colourway:

DO NOT FORGET! BOGO pattern code on the previous post! Good thru Septenber 15, 2016 and it gets you a chance to win the traveler's notebook with knitter's notebook inserts from Crafty Chi!

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