Monday, July 04, 2016

Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Needles - SOCK and Sharps

At TNNA in January, I had a wonderful chance to see what was new in terms of needles.
Back when Interchangeables was a new thing ( years and years ago) , I bought a set of Hiya Hiya's and used them for a while but set them aside as they had issues with the cables and they had blunt tips. Note: Blunt tips are very useful, especially if you have a yarn that prone to being splitty.

I tend to work complicated stitches, so I NEED sharp points that can k5tog or other such things.
When the Sharps DPNs arrived on the scene, they became my go to needle for socks and mittens. Whenever I stop in at Heartstrings Yarn Studio, I pick up another set.....i tend to travel with them and lose a needle here and there. I some how missed that this line had been added to the interchangeables!

The Hiya Hiya needles are also light weight and since I have to watch what I carry and how much weight I place on my right arm (yes- the collar bone is STILL dislocated) the lightness of the needles helps me get in more stitches.

Then there is the newly released SOCK interchangeable needles.
These are an answer to many prayers! I travel a lot. I also go into the wilderness and hide in a cabin with knitting books and design. This means I bring a lot more "knitting" gear than camping gear.
With the new Sock Set, I can par down on the amount of things I pack.

Both the cords and needle tips have sizes or lengths etched in them.

Included in the Sock Set is a Sock Adapter so that you can use pieces from other sets.

The Cases have gone through several updates since they were first introduced. There is an interior flap to cover needle tips, adding another level of security so they do not escape.
Also the closures have gone from ties (below) to a frog/knot closure. This is a much quicker way to close the case.

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