Friday, April 29, 2016

March, April and May Knit-From-Stash socks

I was soo busy last month, I don't think I posted an update for the Knit-From-Stash 2016 Botanic Socks collection.

MARCH  April was Calathea Socks.

Shown in Phydeaucx Designs "spiced peaches" colourway. Photo from Winter TNNA San Diego.
Calathea Individual Pattern:  

Calathea is a plant with striped foliage. It is called Peacock plant, Zebra plant, Snake plant or even Prayer plant depending on who is writing up the labels. It likes humid climates and no direct sunlight. You can not neglect this plant, which is why I don't grow them!

Our Calathea socks have twisty stripey leaves. You will want to block these out when you are done, as the fabric bias wants to spiral.

APRIL was actually Laurier socks! Some how I missed posting March and Calathea!

Laurier or Laurel leaves cover the leg of this sock. The pattern has both Charted and Written instructions. Cuff down, and also available in 4 sizes S- 6”, M-7.5”, L-9”, XL-10” (foot circumference).

April's leaves brings May's....Bark layer?
Rhytidome is the external later that we consider "bark" to be.

Rhytidome socks have texture, knots in the  "wood" and are both a Cuff Down and a Toe Up sock.
These socks have twisted stitches and are on a purl background. "Someone" Is testing them on a knit background....we shall see how that goes. :)

Rhytidome Individual Pattern:

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