Thursday, December 31, 2015


Our first sock for 2016 is Espalier.

In keeping with the Botanic theme, espalier is a technique for growing trees on flat surfaces, or turning them into flat "fences". It is a really cool technique. You can also Google "Belgian fences" for more info.
Actual definition: Espalier- tree or ornamental shrub whose branches are trained to grow flat against a wall, supported on a lattice or a framework of stakes.

The sock is in 3 sizes with a modification for some of the "fairy footed" knitters in the group.

S (6.5"), M(8.5:), L(10") the after gusset decreases create a size between S and M for about a 7-7.5" foot circumference.

One of the stitches on the sock is a 3 stitch wrap. Where the sts are not worked but wrapped instead. I thought this might not be as intimidating as an "Estonian flat nupp".

There are several ways to work this stitch.
1-slid the sts back and forth between your right and left needles as you wrap them
2-slip them to a cable needle and wrap them.
3- ignore them until the sock is knit and go back and sew them on.

I accidentally missed a wrap on my sock, so instead of ripping it out, I thought I would use it to show you the third technique and how contrasting yarn looks on the sock.

Using a small amount of the Midas colourway from Phydeaux Designs, I threaded a needle and inserted it at the missing place from the inside of the sock.

Carefully, pull the yarn through and wrap the 3 sts several times, returning the needle to the inside of the sock.
Secure both ends on the inside of the sock and weave in ends.

Violá, a golden stitch wrap.
I am looking forward to seeing how all the socks turn out. We have over 1,100 knitters from around the globe!

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