Thursday, December 31, 2015


Our first sock for 2016 is Espalier.

In keeping with the Botanic theme, espalier is a technique for growing trees on flat surfaces, or turning them into flat "fences". It is a really cool technique. You can also Google "Belgian fences" for more info.
Actual definition: Espalier- tree or ornamental shrub whose branches are trained to grow flat against a wall, supported on a lattice or a framework of stakes.

The sock is in 3 sizes with a modification for some of the "fairy footed" knitters in the group.

S (6.5"), M(8.5:), L(10") the after gusset decreases create a size between S and M for about a 7-7.5" foot circumference.

One of the stitches on the sock is a 3 stitch wrap. Where the sts are not worked but wrapped instead. I thought this might not be as intimidating as an "Estonian flat nupp".

There are several ways to work this stitch.
1-slid the sts back and forth between your right and left needles as you wrap them
2-slip them to a cable needle and wrap them.
3- ignore them until the sock is knit and go back and sew them on.

I accidentally missed a wrap on my sock, so instead of ripping it out, I thought I would use it to show you the third technique and how contrasting yarn looks on the sock.

Using a small amount of the Midas colourway from Phydeaux Designs, I threaded a needle and inserted it at the missing place from the inside of the sock.

Carefully, pull the yarn through and wrap the 3 sts several times, returning the needle to the inside of the sock.
Secure both ends on the inside of the sock and weave in ends.

Violá, a golden stitch wrap.
I am looking forward to seeing how all the socks turn out. We have over 1,100 knitters from around the globe!

Monday, December 07, 2015

Knit From Stash 2016 countdown -22 days

Last year a crazy idea became something really amazing.
Instead of subscribing to a sock of the month club, we decided to create our own, using our stash yarns. (Because many of us have way more stash than is healthy.)
 READ POST HERE about last year's KAL.

Using 12 containers of mystery (paper bags, can, boxes), 12 skeins of sock yarn are selected. (100g/400yds) These 12 are mixed up and then labeled by month. You are surprised by what is in the package and then challenge yourself by knitting up that yarn in its designated month. (I upload the pattern the last day of the previous month so you can cast on ON the 1st). Some of the yarn choices were a bit wild. I am always amazed at how combinations of yarn and patterns that would not have been typically chosen, turned out rather well. Stripes always surprise me.

This went a step further, and I talked to Jacie about how the SOM clubs often have a pattern for each skein that is sent out. So I created 15 patterns for the year. (more than 12 so that if there was a pattern you just did not want to knit, you had an optional design.)

I expected maybe 50 people to participate. It wound up being over 600!
It was a challenge and it made me have a deadline and create.  And I met some wonderful people.

So... We are doing it again for 2016. 15 patterns, 12 mons, 12 skeins of yarn.

Socks are available in multiple sizes. Some of the socks are suitable for both men and women. All of the socks have charts, most have written instructions as well.  This year I decided that I needed a theme. The theme for the 2016 Knit-From-Stash sock collection is all botanicals. Before living in California, I was working on my Botanic Art and Illustration certificate. ( As there are only a handful of places to earn this, our move was NOT to one of them.) I love plants, Fibonacci, the science and structure of  botany. So far the 1st 6 patterns are done. I LOVE THEM....and I am actually quite proud to be ahead of the game rather than killing myself at the last minute to meet a deadline. You do not want to disappoint 600 people armed with pointy sticks.

The 2016  will begin on December 31st, for all of you who want to knit into the new year, and then hopefully knit on the 1st as it is a holiday for many. Instagram and the ASK facebook group are a great place to see what is being created. #knitfromstash and #knitfromstash2016 #addictedtosockknitting tags will help you sort through and find the projects. This year I am going to have Facebook prizes and Instagram prizes for our KAL.

The coupon code: tajemnica  is good for 50% off through January 15, 2016 for those who are late to the party. 15 patterns at $6 each is a $90 value, with the coupon you get them for $2 a piece.

Ideas for your mystery bags:

Paper lunch sacks are excellent. There are so many ways to dress them up. It is a rabbit trail of its own over at pinterest.

One Good Thing by Jillee via Pinterest

Take Out Boxes

Found on
Template here to make your own:

Project Bags
Last year several people made their own project bags for each month. This was an extra monthly incentive to complete their socks so that they could move on to the next bag.

Tutorial HERE

Glass Jars

When storing your yarns you may want to make some lil packs of Moth repellent to add to them.

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