Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving and Control

Oh, the control issue. Ouch!
This was a big deal Thanksgiving week. 
Dinner for 30, with a dislocated collar bone, messed up shoulder, and not being allowed to stir, chop, and lift turkeys in and out the oven!
My 17 yr old son and 13 yr old daughter made dinner. 
We rented a church dining hall since I also can not vacuum! (best idea ever)

Steam apparently makes someone's curls go a bit crazy!
I had invitations, place settings, all our worship music copied... ( we do after pie, coffee and worship in the evenings).
When we arrived at the church all of the long tables were gone!!! Some one (turned out to be one of the church elders) borrowed every "good" table. 
This of course lead to a freak out. 
The one thing I thought I had control over, seating arrangements and decor,  was "ruined".
This could have ruined the entire day. I could have wallowed in fact that I did not have control over even a place setting.

We wound up finding old heavy tables with peeling layers of veneer. Pieced together a seating arrangement for the tables we had and discovered that only 24 people could sit in the best configuration. Where were the other 6 going to sit?!

Another freak out moment, and then my husband who hates Thanksgiving due to a childhood tragedy around the holiday, had his own freak out moment.
So here we were in the kitchen, less than an hour til guests arrive, "whisper fighting".

Thankfully,  we stopped and prayed together, the two of us- control seekers who were losing control.
There were unexpected changes. We got several calls to cancel. We had exactly the right amount of seating.
The day was not perfect, but the food was great and the company was wonderful.
But, the day wasn't done with us.

We started getting texts from our old youth group 'kids', now grown and having dinner with their children and spouses. One of our boys from those youth ministry days was in a very, very bad accident. His passenger died. He was paralyzed. Lives shattered and out of control.
In the calming of panicked, disbelieving hearts, some of "our kids" even dropping in after dinner, we sang and prayed together.

While I had a plan and an idea for the day, G-d had another plan. He knew how many seats were needed. He knew the tragedy that would strike. He knew who needed to be there.
We heard over the weekend from several guests, that it was the best thanksgiving they had ever had. Here we were, feeling impoverished in our idea of a feast, and several of our guests had never experienced such bounty.
We really are blessed more than we can imagine.

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