Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pleasantly Surprised by Dressed in Knits

I have to admit that I judged this book by its cover.
It wasn't until I took the time to sit down and read the book that the title and project as a whole came together. I am glad that I did. While the cover did not appeal to my personal taste, the content was rich and housed a creative spirit.

Like taking the time to put an outfit together from its foundation garments to the accessories,  Dressed in Knits takes the time to teach fit, technique, and how fiber content could make or break the garment.

My grandmother taught me to set a table properly, everything in its own dish, nothing with a label made it from fridge to plate. This goes back to when everything had a recipe, those who made their own mustards and relishes. We take so much for granted in buying our sauces and condiments. By purchasing ready made, we are recommending and promoting a brand rather than the cook who made the meal.

Similarly, ready made garments say barely anything other than that the person shops well. While a hand made garment speaks volumes. The act of dressing is a method that can be lost in a generation obsessed with yoga pants and geeked-out tshirts.

 "Dressed in Knits in a collection of nineteen chic garments and accessories that are modern takes on classic feminine silhouettes. "

I love how the theme of dressing carries over into the chapter divisions such as "foundation garments".

Alex encourages the knitter, "And like the perfect shade of lipstick, the attention to detail and the couture finishing of these designs allows you to step out of the house with confidence."

My favourite garment, Asciano, shows the body of the work from the fit, construction and the finishing details of installing zippers and buttons, making the piece complete.

Interweave/F+W; $25.99

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