Thursday, November 19, 2015

Family-Friendly Knits

Family-Friendly Knits is a book that I have been really looking forward to. I am so glad to have received this copy to review. It is one of the few books that has multiple projects that I will actually knit up for my family.

At the time of posting, it is 35 days until Christmas, and 16 days until Chanukah. That is not a lot of time for knitting. However the good thing about 8 nights of Chanukah is that if it isnt done by the 1st night, you have a week to finish your project. You can get the ebook HERE  and start your holiday knitting right away.

Family-Friendly Knits is packed full of wonderful, giftable items to make. Plus some wonderful, comfy winter items. When I knit for myself, I look for complicated stitch patterns or patterns to challenge my skills. When I knit for my family, I want it to be something they will actually wear!

Courtney has created sweaters that will not only allow freedom of movement, but become the everyday favourites in your home. The collars and cuffs are unconstrained, and the children's sweaters have ease to allow some room to grow. Which, if you are like me, is needed so that from the time you start the sweater, until you finish it, IT STILL FITS.

Some of the projects: Most of the projects are pretty straight forward, these few that I want to share with you have some extra special details.

Must Have Mitts- A quick knit that will hold your attention. These mitts are in a range of sizes. Do not be fooled, they look simple but have intriguing details for the shaping. I love palm gussets, and these mitts have built on that technique. pg 47

Cuff to Cuff socks- These are a bit unconventional. Designed to defeat Second Sock Syndrome, you are literally making 2 socks from one tube of fabric. you cast on at one cuff knit thru the first sock and into the second socks toe, binding off at the second cuff. You will want to get the book just to try this out. pg 121

 Aileron- This is another project one of my daughters has fallen in love with. It is a sideways knit sweater with shoulder shaping so it fits well.
"The Aileron (French for “little wing”) is named for the angel wing cables between the shoulder blades. This is a great introduction to shawl cardigans because it’s just a rectangle with openings for the armholes; sleeves are shaped using easy no-wrap short-rows." pg 39

"Knitting is a test of endurance, and for those with less experience, larger pieces should be worked up to; however, I stress to new knitters the importance of pushing themselves and attempting a pattern that speaks to them even if they aren’t confident in their skill. As a knitting instructor, I am always pleased to see the spark behind knitters’ eyes when they realize how capable they truly are."
 -Courtney Spainhower

Interweave/F+W; $22.99

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