Friday, October 23, 2015

Unexpected Cables

While the whole knitting world was a bit preoccupied with Rhinebeck and some event in NY last weekend, I was home in our first sweater weather weekend. It did not last long. 90 degree temps are coming back, but those 2 days left me wanting to knitting something warm.
Which lead me to being curled up with a good book and some yarn to swatch. Heather Zopetti's new book "Unexpected Cables" is of course an unexpected delight. While the cover may seem a bit grey, inside you find beautiful colours and textures. (And I am in absolute envy over one of the models' hair!)
The book has 18 patterns in 3 sections: Refined, Lace, and Abstract.
Currently on my needles is the Refton Cloche which will make its way to Chicago and the girl at college.

In the introduction, Heather says, "One of the things I love most about knitting is the endless opportunities for learning. There is always one more technique to explore, one more stitch to learn. Cable knitting, like lace , is both beautiful and somewhat magical."
Cables and socks are the 2 reasons I began knitting. I couldn't find a crochet pattern that fit those categories back then. (There are many more options now.)
Even after I began teaching basic knitting at a LYS, I was still intimidated by cables.
If you have been reluctant to try to cable,
the patterns that Heather has in the book  are just what you need to sink your teeth into the world of cable knitting. Classic, elegant and well explained, but with projects for all knitting levels, new to experienced.
Here are a few of my favourites:
Bainbridge Arm warmers and Rapha Socks

Refton Cloche and the back of Rapha Socks (love the clay shaping!)

There are many more projects that my teenagers have flag for themselves. (Which is a great success, getting teenaged girls to want to knit things from your book!) Unexpected Cables is a wonderful addition to the knitting library, and will be one you return to.

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