Saturday, October 31, 2015

November Socks

We are coming to the close of this year's Knit-From-Stash Sock of the Month KAL. 
You should currently have 14 socks and 1 hat in your collection:
The Hornet
Chocolate Cables 
Love's Wings
Cherry Blossoms
Regency (and Emma Hat to match)
Flesh and Stone
Chevron Glass
Talia's School Socks
Amelie's Wallpaper
Rime & Reason
Acorn Baskets
Vie De Graces


This month the two designs, Acorn Baskets and Vie De Graces are both  autumn inspired with acorns and oak leaves. Each design is in 4 sizes.

Vie de Graces translates a "life of thanks". I am ever so thankful you everyone who has knit through this year's "Knit-From-Stash" collection.

Sign ups for 2016 will be open in 2 weeks! I hope you will join me in next year's knit along.

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