Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer has begun!

this Summer, we have 3 summer camps of curse, and summer jobs, and of course knitting for the next 3 seasons...
Having several projects to complete, means AUDIO BOOKS! and a stargate marathon. :)

What books are on our list?
I just finished Sabaa Tahir's book, and am waiting for its sequals... it needs to be a trilogy at the very least. However at this point, Sabaa says it is a stand alone. SOB!
Join me in bugging her to write more! TWITTER

My 40th birthday also hit this week. It was celebrated with a 40% off sale, a surprize party AND a collection of cards from my lovely knitty friends! Thank you so much for the lovely cards and thoughts you sent in. I was truly blessed!
and of course there was a present or two. :)



You can see how well the "Shell" colourway looks in this mitten cuff.

A new dress, purse and wallet. I love the wallet. (As you can see, upgrade the old iphone to the new samsung as well.) Feeling spoilt!
I realized how much I loved red and stopped wearing it because my eastern euro blood betrayed me and reddened my face. I say, to heck with that! More Red!
(Also the frankincense/coconut/rosehip seed oils combo has really helped!)

My friend Jacque and I lunched in Sonora at the fabulous Daimond Back, which meant By Hand Yarn was across the street. (My fave roadtrip LYS).

 We split as we could not decide.
As you can see, 40 is starting off rather well.
Watch Autumn magazines!

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