Tuesday, January 06, 2015


I have friends waiting for this day.
For some it is the day they pack their trees away, the day wisemen visit, Russian Christmas...

A friend is waiting for a visa today for traveling.

Today I had phone calls, project editor, mentorship, and medical tests.
There was a moment of epiphany, I may actually be on the right track for the year. I might actually have a workable plan for a few months.

Last year I went to a writing retreat, I signed up for classes, I bought journals and pens, paints and sketching materials and started doing things I LOVE again. I am really bad at accountability. So I have a person I have to report to on what I have done with my week. A check in of sorts, to keep my moving forward.

I took on a job or two against my better judgement and learned a valuable lesson. I did some work I really loved. My friend and I took ownership of our book and are hiring a crew to get it FINISHED.
I started a new work, and have new contracts.
In the midst of last year we lost several friends, I had heart issues which turned out to be a collapsed lung, my daughter went 2,000 miles away to college (after a Summer abroad including Israel and my own panic over rockets). Half of my children are officially taller than I am, some by 7-8 inches.
one of them is having an actually very painful surgery next month.

So this year of rest, Shmitah, has become a Year of Hope and a year of Focus.

This year I think things will be finished.
Projects will actually be completed, and I will be doing a lot less traveling.

Did you have any epiphany moments last year?
What are you planning on accomplishing this year?

I really like how Brandon Sanderson tracks his projects. I am soo not organized in comparison by thought I would do a monthly update on where I am at in each one.

 Books I am Reading: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton 80%, Year of No Sugar by Eve Schaub 5%, Quiet by Susan Cain, Meet The Rabbis by Brad Young 5%, Crown of Midnight by Sarah Maas 95%

Knitting: SKA January Mock 60%, Knit-From-Stash SOM KAL half of 1/12th, Merle by Norah Gaughn 35%, Urban Cardi variation of Jared Flood's 40% ...obviously these are unfinished from last year

Book 1-95%
Book 2- 20%
Book 3- 35%
ebook- 70%
2 articles 80% one 1st, 20% on 2nd
2 contracted projects 85%

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