Monday, January 05, 2015

A year of Hope

Last year was so difficult on so many levels. So I have dubbed this to be The Year of Hope. 
So many amazing things are coming this year. But I have to tell you my most favourite.

For 17, almost 18 years, our friends wished for a baby. They were so blessed with an amazing child to adopt, about the  same age as our Zem. This kid is so talented and smart. Funny and plays piano beautifully.
And will soon be a big brother!!! After 18 yrs they are PREGNANT!
It is so exciting!

So, see a year of HOPE.

This means we have a lot of baby things to make! We have been choosing yarns and colours, and we are certain it is a girl, the doctor will confirm this...eventually... Haha. 

So if you have favourite baby patterns post them in the comments!

I already finished a February sweater.
I need ideas!

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