Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dragon World

"Kinsmen of the Shelf" part 2.
John Keats. 
My daughter adores Keats. They are separated by 200 yrs in time, nearly to the day. Tirzah has wandered Hampstead Heath and read poetry at Keats house as part of one of their events (at age 16).
Pictured on Kezziah, as Tirzah now lives in Chicago. (Adult children apparently move away.)

Dragon's World, the poem evokes confronting a cold world, not feeling alone, battling depression. To be fit to battle the Dragon World, you need to know that you are not alone. 
Recently there have been several suicides, some highly publicized. 
I created this to keep some one warm, not encumbered, arms free to battle, but to remind them that they are not alone.

(Handdyed yarn-  one of a kind from Becka)

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Queen Mab

Shelley's poem is wicked long, but through out he speaks of yellow and golden shades.

For the first pattern in "Kinsmen of the Shelf", this hat is Queen Mab. 

Little Estonian blossoms circle the crown.

The poem is lengthy, here is a portion:

Yes! she will wake again,
Although her glowing limbs are motionless,
And silent those sweet lips,
Once breathing eloquence
That might have soothed a tiger’s rage
Or thawed the cold heart of a conqueror.
Her dewy eyes are closed,
And on their lids, whose texture fine
Scarce hides the dark blue orbs beneath,
The baby Sleep is pillowed; 
Her golden tresses shade
The bosom’s stainless pride,
Curling like tendrils of the parasite
Around a marble column.
Hark! whence that rushing sound?
’t is like the wondrous strain
That round a lonely ruin swells,
Which, wandering on the echoing shore,
The enthusiast hears at evening;
’t is softer than the west wind’s sigh; 
’t is wilder than the unmeasured notes
Of that strange lyre whose strings
The genii of the breezes sweep;
Those lines of rainbow light
Are like the moonbeams when they fall
Through some cathedral window, but the tints
Are such as may not find
Comparison on earth.
Behold the chariot of the Fairy Queen!
Celestial coursers paw the unyielding air; 
Their filmy pennons at her word they furl,
And stop obedient to the reins of light;
These the Queen of Spells drew in;
She spread a charm around the spot,
And, leaning graceful from the ethereal car,
Long did she gaze, and silently,
Upon the slumbering maid.

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