Monday, December 15, 2014

Knit-From-Stash KAL

I love sock clubs. I participate in several, but they can get expensive.
I have an abundance of Sock Yarn.  Abundance.
Abundance goes hand in hand with gratitude or it just becomes a hoard.
I love the knitting community.  I am so grateful for all I have learned and received from it.
So what better way to express gratitude than with something that is community and not monetary based.

Jacie found a wonderful idea for creating your own mystery sock of the month club.
For this you will need 12 months of yarn, enough to make a pair of socks each month, about 100g depending on your foot size.

Divide the yarn into 12 concealed packages, whether they are paper lunch sacks that you have decorated or containers of some sort. Have a friend pack the yarn into each month's package to help maintain the mystique. you can toss them all into a box and pull one out at random if you like.
There are some great "yarn in paint cans" and "yarn in jars" ideas, but it is about using what you have on hand, and not having to purchase anything. You will, of course, need knitting needles. :) Whatever you preferred method of sock knitting is, use it!

This is about having fun, being a community, and working from the abundance. If you NEED to go buy yarn, go ahead, no one will judge you. :)
Collect your mystery abundance (not hoard, remember) and post a picture to the group. (if you can, I know some people are not always able to post a picture.)

The last day of the previous month, starting Dec 31, a pattern will be released to the group. If it is a coupon code- DO NOT share it. Keep it in the group. Each month will have a different pattern, varying in difficulty. We are here to help each other, so ask questions , if you need some help or clarifictaion, some one will be able to help. It is for FUN, so you can modify the pattern if you want, for your own use.

Don't forget to post patterns to the group, and dont get discouraged by speedy knitters from Nordic countries who can knit a pair of socks in under 48 hrs. They have super powers. Knit at your own pace.

Thank you for Knitting along with us!
Post your photos in the Event page and on the FB group. At the end of the year all finished socks will be entered for a gift bast of knitting goodies.

1 sock = 1 point


Catherine said...

Started taat on HiyaHiya USA 1/2.25mm. Cuff done now onto the pattern. Thanks so much! Love the idea!
Catherine from Ireland!

pwmamaof2 said...

Just purchased the KAL. Super excited! I have more sock yarn than one can swing a cat at, so I'm geeked to use some of it up! This will also offer some opportunity for me to try and meet my 2015 goal of 26 pair of socks.
Meredith from Ohio!

Pat Stankiewicz said...

Hi! I didn't receive my pattern for the Hornet Socks. Am I doing something wrong?
Pat Stankiewicz

Yarn Yenta said...

Replying from the airport.
On your browser for the computer, delete cache and history.
Go to the pattern click the 'in my library' icon, view it in your ravelry library. Update as needed in the library.
Ravelry sends out the emails- not me. said...

I am buying this Monday. I'm fairly new to socks, I'm working on my second pair so I have no stash. :)
Looking forward to joining. Does the group. Meet here or Facebook or ravelry?

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