Wednesday, November 05, 2014

NaKniSweMo part 2

National Knit a Sweater Month has begun!

The beginning of the month had me finishing my Fading Lines sweater by JojiKnits, and ripping 8" out of my Merle sweater by Norah Gaughan, so I got a late start to this sweater project. Merle is sitting in a corner til i recake the yarn.

This Summer when I went to JimmyBeans Wool Stitch Mountain Retreat, I bought some yarn- of course...At the JBW store. It was this crazy deal, and nice fat yarn, and I knew I either wanted to make the central park hoodie OR the Urban Cardi/Jared Flood version.

Europa Tweed by Plymouth

So I am doing the Urban Cardi, in one piece. (free pattern)
Which meant I needed to chart things out on IPS so I could see what was going on.
(BTW I did not switch from in the round to kit flat mod so yes the numbers are all on one side)
(OWN PERSONAL USE, NOT FOR RESALE, blah blah blah, it i s just so i can make it without a headache. Dont ask for copies, cuz that is illegal. ya'll know the drill.)

And make it a pdf so I can put it on the tablet and bring it with me this weekend.
(photo is Jared's and just for a visual reference.)

The original pattern HERE is for a pullover. Jared modified it into the cardi and the mods are on his blog.HERE

One of the great things about using Intwined Pattern Studio is I can pop the text in and make a chart. Also I hated the symbol on the original charts, so I could make it a friendlier one. And I could now knit it in the round if it was not going to go the cardigan route. OR if I want to make it a larger size, I can now see where to add stitch columns at. So in under an hour, I had new charts, and a workable pdf.
Now the hard part- How much yarn do I pack?!
51,308 sts so just over the 50,000 st requirement for NaKniSweMo

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