Tuesday, October 07, 2014

What weekends?

The weekends are totally not time off.
I try to shut down social media and we unplug the roku and any techie devices for Shabbat but there is still a rush and set up for services, Sat am, Sun am, Sun pm. This is his chosen profession, so I am along for the ride. 2 congregations are not easy. 20 yrs ago I would have been at every thing. I can't do that any more.

What I do need is spiritual renewal. I have been slack in my daily morning routines.
In the Miracle of Morning Pages (by the author of a book my editor is making me read. haha recommended ) it talks about the daily metal benefit of writing routines.
"If you work on your creativity, you will grow spiritually. If you work n your spirituality, you will grow creatively. Creativity and Spirituality are so close they are intertwined. We call G-d the Creator without realizing it is another word for "artist". The Creator is the consummate artist. As we explore and express our artistry, we are imitating G-d. Is it any wonder we begin to find spiritual support?
Morning Pages can become a potent form of prayer, As we become more truthful, we become more truly ourselves."

If Reading reduces stress levels by 68% and writing also has its benefits, than how much more does the practice of "daily devotional time" benefit us? How much more will reading a GOOD book benefit?

My friend Jennifer practices a daily bible reading plan that goes through the entire Bible. Each week there is a Torah Parsha to read, along with haf Torah and for some Brit Hadasha. I don't read thru the Torah portions as they circle round. My daughter is away at college and for one of their classes, if they had not read through the Torah (5 books of Moses, Pentateuch) then they had to read through them all at once before the next week's class. That was when we discussed how we have skimmed them, read a synopsis but had not read the weekly portions themselves.
Simchat Torah is approaching. The scrolls are rolled back to the beginning, there is a celebration of the gift of the Word of G-d.
I am going to make an effort in this year to read through each Parsha.

Robert Murray M'Cheyene, who was apretty groovy guy, had a plan he ceated for his Scottish Parrish had a dual plan, one to reading to be done in private, one to be done as a family. It is here, Not the best pdf. But I cant find the good one.

Jennifer uses Professor Horner's plan HERE

Torah Reading list HERE

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