Tuesday, October 14, 2014


My child is 19.
She is not longer that 18 year old baby, trying to be an adult. Now she is an adult.
5 months and she was home only 1 week.
This is the new trend, "visits" home. 2 months and 1 week until the next visit.
She has traveled to Chicago, New York, Israel....and back to Chicago. That is now home base.

She is so happy!
Living in the big city, going to college, and working so hard.
I am so proud of our sweet Tirzah. And I miss her horribly!

Look at that cute face!

Getting used to skype dates and waiting DAYS between phone calls. 

Cell phones are amazing.
One- mobile to mobile means we can talk for free. At 19, my phone calls home cost $300-500 a month!
Two- I can skype from my phone so I dont miss a call.
Three- PICTURES! seriously, just being able to see that she is ok, alive, doing good...it saves a lot of time that could be wasted, wondering if she is safe in the big scary city instead of home in the quiet mountains of California.

So. There she is, in Chicago, surrounded by friends, who all took really good care of her for her birthday. I wish she was home, but so glad Tirzah is discovering who she is, and who she wants to be.

Happy Birthday, Tirzah.

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