Wednesday, October 15, 2014


"There's no better place than a paper notebook to pour out your blood, sweat, and tears. It helps you to slow down and be more thoughtful about what you write, whether it's deep, dark secrets or lyrics to the song you're writing. ...We feel a little bit like Lord Voldemort when we say this, but it's like the notebook contains a part of our soul after we've written in it. " - JetPens 

I picked up several notebooks from the paper store. The sketching pencils are sharpened. I have been creating a basket of reading, sketching, notebooking and even charged up the cameras...for our mountain get away next week. 
Oh, I got these Lihit bags from Japan as well for keeping things organized:

We discovered that going away for a nite, really does not help us. We never get to an I rushed and relaxed state. With 200 people attached to the Rabstor's cell phone, it is rarely quiet.
Our solution? No cells, no wifi, remote location. A friend loans us his RV and parks it by a river, off season quiet camping. 

One of the hard things is getting rid of the feeling of guilt over just sitting.
Oh, when he returns to the office, some one will inevitably lay a guilt trip on him for not being there 24/7...but that isn't guilt we put on ourselves. Thus guilt is the "go and do" kind. The get up early, press forward and be constantly productive guilt.
The guilt that keeps us from rest, from Shabbat.

So 3 quiet days. Even if it rains. With notebooks.

I can hardly wait!

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KnitNurd said...

I hope you and your family have a lovely, restful and peaceful getaway. It sounds wonderful!

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