Thursday, October 09, 2014

daily routines

I totally fail at daily writing.
I need to make it a requirement.

This season has been difficult. All kinds of crazy health issues. This week seems over whelming.
Currently we are doing some tests and looking at options available for our son. I think we are looking at surgery, maybe several.
This boy, the man-child, my sweet baby who is taller than me, he is the one who makes my laugh hard every single day. I am fiercely protective of him. He was born with the umbilical cord around his small throat, 3 wraps. He is the dare devil, the adventurer. The one who senses tears will fall before you know your eyes are even watering.

For years we had rules againt contact sports, advised that it could cause severe injury for him.
After sitting at the doctor office, I can not even express how thankful I am that he always falls on his face! I lost count after his ninth broken nose. There may be as many as 11. Thank You, for not letting him hit his chest, injure his heart. Thank You, G-d, for broken noses.

Pulling back and seeking rest seems even more necessary now.

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