Monday, October 20, 2014

20 years

This week we celebrated our 20 Wedding Anniversary. Sometimes it seems to have gone by so quickly, other times it has felt longer.

under the chuppah with the Rebbe

Time is a funny thing. C S Lewis writes about time passing and how although we live IN time and are surrounded by it, we are always surprised by its passing. It is like a fish being constantly surprised by the wetness of water. 
Ha! I love that! It is true and we are ridiculous creatures.

We were blessed with 3 nights away, beautiful autumn leaves and even a rain storm, which we desperately need in our drought.

Over a decade, we have visited Antelope Lake, each year checking out the new life and recovery of the area from a devestating fire. It feels like "us". We have gone through some devestating things, but there are these glorious moments.

The golden aspen leaves against the burned out canyons, painted incredible colours.

This was just before the evening rain.

Shmuli was able to fish, I knit and got the body finished on my Jojiknits Fading Lines sweater. 

It needs sleeves and blocking! But it is a yummy alpaca yarn and SOOOO soft.

It was 3 days with out cell phones buzzing like crazy.

Now, back to normal life.

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