Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Catch up

This has been an incredibly hard and wonderful Summer.
The kids are all older and their schedules were insane!
Tirzah- Chicago 2.5 weeks, NY 4 weeks, Israel 2 weeks, 1 week home and then off to college in Chicago.
Malachai did what is called the "5 week challenge". 2 weeks as a camp counselor. A week Home, then 2 weeks in NY, 3 days home and 8 days of Adventure camp.
Kezziah's job kept her form the first 2 weeks as a counselor but she did the NY and Adventure camp with Chai. So.... whitewater rafting, backpacking, redwoods, San Francisco.
Jaden and Sam back packed Mt Lassen Volcanic park. Then they went off to another camp.
The smallest 2, Zemeira and Talia, also had 2 weeks of camp!
In 2 months, there were 6 trips to the airport. 3 to Sonora-and I did not get to By Hand Yarns once!
2 trips to San Francisco...
oh! and Then I ran off to Jimmy Beans Wool's Stitch Mountain Retreat!

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, our dear friend Sean, lost his battle with Lung Cancer.
In May, we were so encouraged, Sean looked so healthy and amazing. The decline was so fast over the next 6 weeks. This left us devastated. 28 years old, married 3.5 years, swimmer, diver, amazing son and brother, mentor and encourager....oh, there are not enough words to describe Sean or this hole, the void, that is left here without him.

I have back posts to add and get things caught up. Be patient with me, please. :)

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