Monday, May 26, 2014

Knit like an Egyptian

Some times, things do not go as planned.
Sock Madness 8 this year, has felt like each round has taken months rather than days or weeks.
So the optional round pattern I did for them, rather than being released during Spring Holidays (Easter/Passover) like previous years, is the Round 5 Bonus pattern.

I present to you Hieroglyphic Socks!

25 years ago, I had planned on a career in Egyptology. In 1992, I went to Cairo, climbed pyramids, went on what seemed to be a 30 min tour of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, made papyrus, walked into the heart of a pyramid, and ate chicken fried in camel fat.(Very gross! ) My friend Harry Musser saved me from some rather insistent Egyptians and their camel, by saying I was his wife (we were 17). Which lead to the "happy couple" having their picture taken in front of the Sphinx.

While I never did complete a degree in archaeology or egytpology, I still have an obsession with Egypt….ok, maybe with Brendan Fraser as well.
As I sat on Lisa Souza’s couch, the colour ways just jump out of the bin, golden yellows and lapis blues. While these two colours seemed perefectly egyptian to me, below is the link to look at more of her colours, so that you can find the ones that speack to you. (Lisa dyes to order, and has great prices). I love this yarn for doing colour work! It always turns out so well.
Color, or iwen, in Egypt, carried meaning. 
Blue (irtiu and khesdedj) This color represented sky and water. Important concepts such as the heavens and the primeval waters (the place from which all life emerged in Egyptian mythology) are connected with the color blue. Because of the Nile, blue is also associated with birth and rebirth because the annual flood of the river brought fertility to the land. 
Yellow (khenet and kenit) The color of the sun, yellow was linked with the concept of eternity and imperishability.
“Sock-sheptsut” had been the initial name for these. Probably a bit much. So here we are at Hieroglyphic Socks.

These are stranded colorwork socks with corrugated ribbing and a lateral braid. The knitting motif, read vertically, says “Knitting Socks” in hieroglyphs. (the K is there, even though it is silent…just because.)

Required Skills:
Knitting in the round
Long Tail Cast On
Short rows
Stranded colorwork techniques
Knowledge of basic sock construction
Lateral braid techniques
Basic Chart Reading
Kitchener stitch (grafting)
Sizes: S (M, L); show in size M
Circumference 7.5 (8.5, 9.5)”

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Anonymous said...

Such a fabulous pattern! I'm cogitating about how the glyphs would look on "Tickertape" (see on Ravelry), a narrow cowl that is knit vertically in the round.

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