Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I make hats for guys named Sean

So I knit hats for guys named Sean.
The hat I knit for Sean Astin has garnered some attention. Seriously an amazing turn of events.
It has the Vox Fox for his Vox Populi podcast. This was pretty awesome. Hobbit hearts are happy.

But There is another Sean I knit hats for.

Sean Trank has been a family friend and some one my children have grown up with as a camp counselor.
A few months ago he was diagnosed with Stage 3b, inoperable Lung Cancer,at the age of 27 and because lung cancer is connected with smoking, it is sad to even need to say it, NO he never smoked. 
Sean is a runner, diver and all around awesome guy. 
He and his wife of 2 years, Sarah,  have been going through extreme chemotherapy, and intense pain.

Sean's Video on his cancer

There are 12 days left to help Sean raise money to cover costs that his insurance does not cover.
You can buy a rockin' shirt like the one he is wearing or make a donation just because you are a mensch!

Please pray for Sean, Sarah and their whole family.
And maybe knit a hat. Halos of Hope will be collecting hats next month at Stitches West in San Mateo, Ca. Maybe you want to knit a hat and donate it in Sean Trank's name. Maybe you want to run for some one you can't right now. Run for Sean Trank. Sean Astin has a #Run3rd group to run and dedicate races to others.

Our world is a better place because Sean is in it, and we want to keep it that way!

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Anonymous said...

;'( love your Sean knitting talents, mom

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