Thursday, January 02, 2014

Blogging from Bed

So I am sick. I was trying to just push through the morning, but here I am in bed.
I do not rest well. I can't knit. It keeps making me nauseous.
So I have been googling planning stuff for the new year.

With so many projects and the kids, and the one going off to college, this year looks challenging and we are at Day 2 of the Solar Year.

How are you doing? Feeling overwhelmed or charged with a fresh start?
I love organizers and calendars. I always start off the year with a new one, and I waste money b/c I do not actually use it thru the year. Am I the only one?
I hate the waste of it.
This is what I found so far. I think I may need to create my own so I can list yarn dyers and teachers, craftsy classes.....

Free Goal Setting pdf

Goals 2014

Free Goal Setting Kit pdf

Blog Planner Free PDF  and the Weekly version

Free 5 yr plan pdf

Goals and Dreams Free pdf

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Hilary de Haan said...

I love you! Praying you feel well again soon!

Planners... I love them! I get a new one every year, too, but I haven't yet this year. Yikes! I'm actually faithful to fill mine each year. Too much to keep track of!

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