Friday, August 23, 2013

Damson and Honey

My friend Michelle who dyes BC Yarnings (Berry Colorful Yarnings) yarns made up some amazing yarn.
It has inspired our first joint Mystery KAL.

The yarn looks like Damson plums and Honey. Mine shown above is in a Merinos/Seacell blend. But it is available in several yarn bases so you can even get it sparkley.

Not only will there be knitting but there will be cooking! Each clue will have a recipe to go along with the theme, plums and honey!
You do not HAVE to use damson plums, Use what is local to where you live. Where I live we have pluots. A strange half plum and half apricot fruit that I will show later. :)

You can join us for the MKAL over on ravelry.
More info:
This is a mystery Shawl KAL. 
There will be 4 clues. 
With the yummy yarn we will also have RECIPES! Each clue with give you a recipe based on the theme of the shawl. 
Recipes are gluten fee, but you may find at least one a bit intoxicating!
You have several options with BCYarnings Kits: One kit will include 2 skeins in contrasting colors Damson and Honey on 100% super washed merino fingering. 
The other kit will include 2 skeins of 70/30 super washed Merino/ Seacell in contrasting colors Damson and Honey. 
Kits are limited, sign up right away.
Sign ups start now and will be open until mid August and BCYarnings should be sending out the yarn by the first of September. 
You will then receive clues (and more!) to make your shawl.
BEADS are optional.
I am excited to team up with BCYarnings and you will love the colours! :)
you can talk and chat on the Rav thread in BCYarnings group join the group over there:
and mine over here:
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