Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Curiosity of Knitting

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working alongside Hunter Hammerson in various projects, Penny Rose Sock Clubs, The Sock Report, Sockupied, Knitty....the list continues to grow.

I actually was able to briefly meet Hunter in REAL LIFE at Sock Summit in 2011. She is as delightful in person as her work is on paper. If you have seen her other books: Silk Road and The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet Vol 1, you will not be disappointed with The Knitter's Curiousity Cabinet Vol 2.

Volume 1 was what really made me love Hunter. I am a botanic art freak. I get excited when someone uses the Latin name for a plant. I desperately miss the Denver Botanic Gardens. So when I opened this book and there were latin names for plants and botanic inspired knits, I was instantly in love.
AND Hunter shares with you the historical backgrounds, as she did with Silk Road, you learn new information while being inspired to knit. I love it when you can buy a knitting book that you can enjoy reading!

Volume 2 takes on butterflies. Where it differs is there are 2 projects inspired by the same butterfly. They aren't twinsey, with matching motifs on different items but two very unique projects inspired by the same insect. Hunter worked hard at creating 2 very different interpretations of each butterfly. (No Short Cuts!)
There is such a wide variety of stitch textures throughout the book. I am also planning on using Hunter's fabulous button tutorial for a couple projects that needed a little extra something.

My absolute favourite are the Vanessa Antiopa socks. Ok, I know someone out there is going to whine over the amount of purling that is done in this sock, but it is as my 7 yr old says about seed stitch "It's worth it!"
I love the way these stitches swirl and shape the sock.

I love the way Metopsilus Porcellus Sock has intriguing cuff details and lace panels.It really captures the feeling of butterfly wings.

The Knitters Curiosity Cabinet Volume II can be purchased HERE

If you order between now and April 15, 2013, you’ll get:
 *A discount of 20% off the list price of either version of the book (that’s $21.56 instead of $26.95 for the paper book, and $15.16 instead of $18.95 for the electronic book).
 *Free, immediate download of any 2 of my available individual patterns when you order either version of the book. (so you can cast on right away!)
 *If you’ve ordered the paper version, you’ll also get a little present in your package when it ships.

And remember, whenever you order any physical book through Hunter's website, you’ll also get a free copy of the corresponding electronic book automatically.
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