Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sweater Surgery with Carol Feller

I have several sweaters that I knit and they did not fit, not even close. My gauge was right, the size of the garment I selected was "my size" but the sweaters just did not fit.
One slops off my shoulders if I wear it longer than an hour. That was a poor choice in cotton yarn.
(I tend to blame yarns.) I was sucked in by the wholly unkosher lambs wool  linen blend yarn and that sweater, now nick named "Traif", was 2 sizes too big. So I gifted it.

At knit nite a few weeks ago, we discussed the finding of sweaters at goodwill and making them over to fit or into cardigans. Being chosen to venture forth and figure out HOW to accomplish this task with out taking it to a seamstress. In my search, I came across Carol Feller's Sweater Surgery Class on Craftsy. (Remember the post I did on her Celtic Cables Class?)

Carol's class sprang out of the same questions, How many of her students finished their sweaters and wore them or gave them away to some one else who could wear them? How many knew how to take them from disaster to fitted knits?

In this class Carol tackles all kinds of knitter scary techniques. You will need scissors, crochet hooks, yarn needles and a few needles in different sizes.

With Carol's expert guidance you'll rework your finished garments and alter problem sweaters, adjusting a sweater's fit in the body and sleeves.
Learn how to slim or to add width to your sleeves and cuffs, and  how to lengthen or shorten the garment.
Carol will even teach you how to take a boxy sweater and make it more curvy and flattering.

Steeking-Learn how steek a pullover into a cardigan.

Inserting Pockets:

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