Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I really am horrible about secrets, especially secret knitting. My friend Allison Sarnoff and I have created a book which will be released in early 2014 with Cooperative Press. We love this project so much! We were able to express all our sci-fi geekiness in yarn. Unobtainables: Fake Elements, Real Knits.

"Unobtainables: Fake Elements, Real Knits by Heatherly Walker and Allsion Sarnoff contains over 20 patterns. Each pattern is based on a fictional element from science fiction, movies, myths, comic books or video games.
Heatherly and Allison have designed 15 sock patterns and 7 accessories, including a hat, cowl, fingerless mitts, 2 shawls and 2 scarves.
The projects cover a wide range of knitting difficulties and techniques including cables, lace, colorwork, and beading."

This weekend however is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. I am a huge Doctor Who fan. I even sent my daughter of to kindergarten with a Dalek lunch box.
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, A special sneak peak pattern is available NOW!
Presenting Dalekenium (Which is spelled 2 different ways through out time Dalekenium and Dalekanium.)

This is the medium size of Dalekenium. The full range of sizes are included in the book.

The Dalekenium Socks were inspired by those creatures of Davros, the Daleks.
indigodragonfly created the custom colorway for the book and gave it the awesome name, "Daleks Don't Give Pink Slips". Earth Faire had these amazing hexagonal beads, I used the gold ones. (see beading tutorial!) which desperately needed to be on Dalek socks!

If you can not tell, I really love them! Many Thanks to Austin O'Connor for the great photographs!

I hope you enjoy making them!
This pdf is for an accordian fold Sock-et. A sock Pattern for your Sock Bag Pocket! As it is a pdf, you can enlarge it on an ereader if you have difficulties with the font.

AS A BONUS!!!!!!!! Slipped Stitch Studios made us lovely Limited Edition Sock project bags. I adore Slipped Stitch Studios and as many of you have seen I have quite a collection of them! (You can still sign up for their next Doctor Who Club Bag!)
In addition Knitter's Pride Karbonz are my favourite needles and look like the needles of the future.

So I have a prize package for you: 1 Tardis Slipped Stitch Studio Sock Bag and 1 set of Karbonz DPNs to make the sock. You must enter the contest using the form. Enter now Until 3pm  PST Monday Afternoon.

Winner: csullysgirl who loves Doctor#9. Watch for an email!


Kellie said...

This is a super cool prize pack! I did enter my info and it accepted, but I accidentally hit my browser's back button so I dont know if that messed anything up. Is there a way to check? I didnt want to try to enter again in case maybe someone thought I might be trying to cheat ;)
Thanks, Kellie

bobbie said...

I may not have won, but I am so glad that the winner loves Doctor #9...that makes me almost a winner too :)

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