Monday, September 02, 2013

Plum Crazy

The Damson and Honey Mystery Knit A Long has now begun.
As we knit the clues there will also be RECIPES.

Each of the recipes have plums involved.....because Damsons are a type of plum.
These are damson plums:

Now being an advocate of shopping local and using local produce. I collected the "plum like" fruits of my area.

At the farmers market the local orchards had these:

And I think very few places may have Pluots. (Half apricot, half plum)

I tried to label them all for you. So far there was not a huge difference between them as far as how the cooked up. the french are really small but the flesh pulled away from the stone easily, where as other varieties I had to cut around the stone. Pluot2 is the dapple dandy variety, Pluot1 is a Flavor Heart, I believe.
The kids all have differing opinions on them. Talia will NOT eat a nectarine. Zemeira won't eat the french ones as they are a weird green inside.

Whatever you are able to acquire in your area, I hope you will share and post pictures over on the Ravelry group. Being allergic to peaches, this has been a fun experiment for me. Usually the only fruit I cook with is apples or pears.
If you have small kids who want to help you cut the stones out, give them the softer fruits. (yes, this is the voice of the now experienced.) :)
Off to work on clue 1.

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bubbebobbie said...

10 of the first 25 lines completed :) I have also become an expert of frogging to the last color change :)

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