Saturday, September 21, 2013

Monster Books by Natalie Marshall

I was given the Monster Be Good and Monster Needs One More books from Blue Apple Books to review.
They are recommended for ages 4-8 and they are a bit young for my 7 year old, but we still enjoyed them.

Monster, Be Good is a good book for placing a child in charge of the monsters.

This is a wonderful story whether or not you have a small child who is afraid of monsters. It also is a nice introduction to manners. Even the monsters have to behave and follow the rules.

Delightful illustrations of monsters on the pages make them more fun and less scary as well. We especially love the ending.

The second in the series, Monster Needs One More, is a counting book. As the story grows so do the numbers, each page adding one more item. Your child will be counting and adding teddy bears, cookies and kisses. This book is for ages 2-5 (which is right where it should be).

If you are looking for a good present for a little reader, we liked these very much.

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bobbie said...

Looks like a very Nice "Gotcha Day" Present (: they look like they were very fun...

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