Thursday, July 11, 2013

BBC Doctor Who Teasers with KNITTING?!

that's right! they have added another knitted scarf to go along side the iconic scarf!
This one is a more reasonable length but still a quick garter stitch pattern.

So we can decipher this right?!

Now up on Ravelry for free is the pattern:

and recommended yarns as well. (knit picks colours but I would love for an indie dyer to make a who scarf kit.! come on you know you wanna!)

Now to get this made up BEFORE the episode airs!

Monday, July 08, 2013

Camping Experiments With Bar-Maids

Last month we had an amazing opportunity to get a cabin for 5 nights for just $25. Which meant an actual family vacation that was not work related. We could make our own schedule.
Hiking pix to prove it was real wilderness even though we came home to a hot shower and soft bed each night (not all of us are in the pix. Kezzie is missing cuz she took pix):

We loaded all 8 of us and our bags into a minivan. which is harder now that there are teenagers who are TALLER than I am. Everyone was allowed 1 bag, plus the kids' bedding...and SOME food. We had a 4 hr drive that due to some one's "shortcut" took 7 hrs.
This meant a serious lack of space. So I decided to put LoLo bars to the test and save on space.

What is a LoLo?
LO-LO (low-low)
1. enriched, effective, long lasting moisturizers
2. eco-lifestyle product and packaging
3. best sellers/favorite gifts
4.  handcrafted in small batches with love

LoLo Bars can be used for, ok this is just a lil bit of what they are good for:
-Helps restore rough elbows, hands and 'cracked' feet
-Calms psoriasis and eczema
-relieves itching from bug bites and bee stings
-keeps hands moisturized after repeated washings/exposure to water
-hair conditioner  + Scrunch in hair for great shine & frizz control
-prevents razor burn when shaving
-use it like soap - it dissolves into your hands without water!
- protects and speeds healing from sun burn, wind burn
-Applying a little bit of LoLo to the wisps and strands of hair will keep them where you want them

So we left the conditioner and just used LoLo. great hair! CHECK
Very allergic to mosquito bites, the few bites we had did not get gigantic or annoy us for days. CHECK
We hiked 11.5 miles.
Blisters soothed. CHECK
Sunburns that DID NOT PEEL or hurt. CHECK
-Applied before a shave instead of aerosol shaving cream- no razor burn. CHECK
-apply to hands before dirt related jobs (like gardening) cleans up faster and cleaner.  so much cleaner CHECK

But here is the clincher.
In the rain 3 miles into a hike, I slipped and fell about 3-4 ft down a rocky path. Smashed in a boulder with my arm....I had a LoLo to go in my pack, so after we washed it clean, a slathered on a good layer of LoLo. Sealed it, kept it from bleeding and it is not scaring so much. My knuckle was quite gross and had no skin. it has healed rather quickly. So heals after falls- CHECK
(also I actually fell on the path and not in the parking lot like usual so I was a lil proud of this wound.)

So if you are hiking or knitting or spinning or just in need of good skin care, I recommend and LoLo bars. I got a bunch of LoLo Luv samplers for birthday party favors which I mailed around and have a few left.

What is pretty awesome is a lot of people who are allergic to fragrances are not allergic to LoLo, but JUST IN CASE the make an unscented version "Plain Jane".

Leave a comment here and I will pick a winner to get some LoLo Luv. I will need a way to contact you.
Winner will be chosen July 25.

and the winner is .......

EVERYONE. seriously, why not share the LoLo Luv, right?
So if you left a comment before July 25th and can send me your address at yarn yenta at yahoo dot com , then you can have some LoLo of your very own.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Are you scared yet?

So we were working on the photo shoot for book 1, and I can't show you the garment, but I asked the model aka Daughter1, Tirzah, to make a fierce, intimidating face.

We laughed so hard. So when you see the item, remember it is supposed to be FIERCE!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Nerd Wars and small things

Nerd Wars has begun and this time I am participating.

I had to write a dissertation, I had to wait for it to be approved, and then begin crafting it.
In the midst of it, there was a KAL challenge to knit something inspired by a companion, and combined it with birthdays and the month of June.
Team Tardis Kal/Cal challenge for June was to make something for a character from our Series. My projectPetrichor is for Amelia Pond, Companion to Doctor 11. Known as the girl who waited, she eventually became the girl who is tired of waiting in her earth/normal time line career. 
The Church at Auvers was painted by Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh in June (birth month) 1890. The painting is featured in the Vincent and the Doctor episode. The colors and shapes of the world and sky (as Vincent saw and painted them) is a reoccurring theme of the episode. 
I had some leftover bits of indigodragonfly's "Daleks Don't Give Pink Slips" and some beads.
vincent3.png vincent-van-gogh-paintings-from-paris-5.jpg

I added it as a free bonus to the ebook I Knit Sock Cuz Socks Are Cool. A lil bit of blng.

Round one is DONE. Now for round 2.
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