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Book Sneeze: Seven Men And the Secret of Their Greatness

It has been quite a while since I wrote up a book sneeze review.
I was given a copy to review of :

Seven Men And the Secret of Their Greatness By Eric Metaxas  
Published by Thomas Nelson

Eric Metaxas is the author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
I read a lot of Holocaust related books and biographies. I thought I knew Bonhoeffer's story, but this book brought out so much more of a complete picture. The way his father taught him to think for himself and read through propaganda is one of the many ways, he was prepared to take on the Third Reich in a sense. I recommend that you read the Bonhoeffer book, but it is a massive book, if you just want a condensed version, read the section on Bonhoeffer in Seven. Life changing! We often ask why people did not stand up against Hitler, or where was G-d in the horrors of the Holocaust. Bonhoeffer is just one of many who spoke up, defended, and stood, unflinching, in the face of evil. We will never know how many others have done the same.

Just as Metaxas searched out details on Bonhoeffer, he highlights the trials and how each of the seven over came them to become great men. They seven he highlights in this book are:

George Washington
William Wilberforce
Eric Liddell
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Jackie Robinson
Pope John Paul II
Charles W. Colson

Washington fought, battled and led a nation from birth to greatness.
Wilberforce fought against slavery, believing all men should be free.
Lidell was known for his passion for running yet still submitting to God. (Chariot's of Fire)
Bonhoeffer was a pastor & theologian who fought, spoke up and had a great role through the Holocaust on the behalf of the Jews.
Robinson broke the color-barrier in Major League Baseball.
Pope John Paul II is known for speaking about Parkinson's disease & the unborn children and humbly leading the catholic church.
Chuck Colson is widely known for his mistakes in serving President Nixon.(watergate) He also has a story of redemption and reconciliation.

This is a great book for young men who are about to encounter their own trials, face the world and learn to stand on their convictions rather than be swayed by popular opinion. My boys each now have a copy of their own.

Inspiring quotes from Seven:

"So what is “heart”? It’s courage, but courage to do what? The courage to do the right thing when all else tells you not to do it. The courage to rise above your surroundings and circumstances. The courage to be God’s idea of a real man and to give of yourself for others when it costs you to do so and when everything tells you to look out for yourself first"

"The first false idea about manhood is the idea of being macho—of being a big shot and using strength to be domineering and to bully those who are weaker............
........But God’s idea of making men strong was so that they would use that strength to protect women and children and anyone else. There’s something heroic in that. Male strength is a gift from God, and like all gifts from God, it’s always and everywhere meant to be used to bless others"

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bobbie said...

Awesome review Heatherly! I especially like the quote you used. I am thinking there are a lot of young men who need this book.

Ruth said...

Thanks! Sounds like a very good read.

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