Thursday, March 28, 2013

tea leaves

I love tea. A lot.
I love tea so much I really could marry it.

Even after the 10oz of hot tea, dumped into my laptop and fried it, I still could not give up tea!. I sobbed over the laptop with another cuppa.

So imagine how happy I am that my hotel in Ireland says: "All bedrooms have television and tea-making facilities and we also have self-catering and laundry facilities, along with lounges where you can relax and make yourself feel at home."

Do you see that?! TEA-MAKING FACILITIES in my room!!!!!!!!!!

When walking the damp and heavy palces of Poland, I carried a fab tea thermos I found at Barnes and Noble. Sadly you can not get them anymore, and mine has been dropped, dented, borrowed by kids. So it is not up to the Ireland journey.

So I found THIS:

And it was only $11! (At Raley's, $16.95 on their site)

You thread your tea bag thru the slit in the "leaf" bump.

Brew water to the right temp for your tea.

After it steeps you yank the tea bag string and pull the bag into the lid! This keeps the tea from getting bitter and you don't have to figure out what to do with the tea bag while you are out and about.

Oh Happy Tea Day!

Find one here :


bobbie said...

oh you always get the most fun things!

Susan said...

I understand that you need to protect your content, but when you include a website, it would be really nice, if I could copy and paste it!!!!

Yarn Yenta said...

ugh! I forgot about that! I made it a clickable link now.
Sadly if people wrote their own posts rather than copy and pasting from blogs, there would be no need for it!

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