Friday, March 29, 2013

Discovering Knitters Everywhere

When WWKIP day arrived, I was knitting a sock and trying to navigate a Polish GPS system for my husband. The trip that day took us and our dear friends Sally, Gayle and Brygida, to Sobibor's Extermination Camp.
That was such a life changing day. The camp was closed but the care taker, a very kind man with a weary job, opened it up for us anyways.
I had packed in my suitcase yahrzeit candles, candles for the soul the Ner Neshama, to light at various places we visited. To recite Kaddish, the mourner's prayer.

It was raining so hard and there were these HORRIBLE HUGE mosquitos, which I never read about as they were the least of the worries when there. I however was bit next to my eye, which swelled shut and made me look like a victim of spousal abuse for several days.

In the museum I read about the Sock Knitters of Sobibor. This article came from what I learned there and from the book I purchased at the museum as well, the reflections by Regina Zielinski, my new hero, recorded by her son, Andrew. These are some of the most amazing women! My grandmother always said the one thing she was proud of was raising "Strong Women". After learning of these Sock Knitters, girls ages 14-18, I know I have a long way to go to achieve their steadfast strength.

With the encouragement of my friend Donna Druchunas, I submitted the article, and eventually the pattern as well. I had teased Kathleen that one day she would write about me in her Knitting Daily newsletter, I WAS SO SURPRISED when it actually happened last week. Read it Here

Lizkor, Rememberance Socks
You can find Piece Works' Knitting Traditions Magazine at your LYS, Barnes and Noble, or order a copy online: Digital or Print The magazine will be available COINCIDENTALLY on Yom HaShoah- Holocaust Remembrance Day.

And to Regina Zielinski, I admire you and pray for you. I am so pleased to have learned that you continued knitting. may all your days be blessed!.

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