Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stitches West 2013

We drove down to Stitches Thursday. It was so much fun. We kidnapped our friend Sue for her bday, and she didn't even know she was coming Thursday rather than Saturday until we showed up at 7am.
Tirzah and Kezziah worked the whole show at booths and babysitting for Slipped Stitch Studios. I also brought Zemy to her first ever Stitches West! This was a blast. She may be 10 but she did amazing and helped so much. She also discovered cashmere silk yarn.

We set up Intwined in Mimi's Needles and then helped get a couple other booths up before the market opened.
Look at all that yarn ready to be made into something amazing!

Allsion flew all the way from NY to be with us. We met with our FABULOUS publisher for the book and showed all the samples we had. Much to our relief, Shannon liked what we had. :)
I think there was a moment when she was going to wear the shawl home.

Kismet of Bar-Maids made a scent for our trip to Belfast: Wild Rose. It sold out the first day!

We also got to thank some our yarnies and show them their yarn knit up for the book.
Thanks to Lisa Souza, Miss Babs, Cephalopod Yarns, Bijou Basin for contributing to  this project! (which is still secret).

I may have brought home a lot of stuff.

I got new Karbonz from Webs and Knitters Pride

I brought home some new Bijou yarn for designing, they will be publishing the quiviut baby socks, so keep an eye on their site.
When my replacement strap broke at STS west, this little tote replaced my namaste bag.

Annie Modesitt, who I have admired greatly, autographed her new book for me and we shared gluten free hamantaschen.

I had a great time with my girls, my mom, Sue, Allison, Maia Discoe, Anne Berk, Faina Goberstein, Merike Saarnit and Lily Chin. Never get together often enough!

I got to take a class, where I discovered how to do the German Twisted Cast On.
This creates a nice little edge. I am already planning how to use this!

Something for the masses: Abbreviations commonly used here at Yarn Yenta Designs
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