Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dwarven Gear #2 Bombur Mitts

This year with the book knitting and magazine knitting,, there is really no time for holiday knitting for 6 kids, a husband, dad, mom, 2 brother and a sister. (Do  not even mention my aunt's annual socks.)

But easy knits from The Hobbit movie? this I can do!
I took a note pad to sketch Ori's sweater. OK. Sketching in the dark looks really lame and stupid once it is in day light. BUT i know which yarns to use to replicate it: Indigo Dragonfly SilkMerino in RiverSong and the UNREALESED sekrit book colourway. or the firelfy gold colourway Kim has.

So back to easy knits:
These are linen stitch with a patch of seed stitch sewn on.
With most of their costumes, they are supposed to "BULK" up the dwarven actors.

Being semi-normal humans, we don't need the bulk.

I used knitpicks tweed in Charcoal 2 balls, held double. ( I LOVE THE WAY THIS YARN FEELS)

US 10

Cast On 42 [48] sts (small- CO 36)

Knit in Linen Stitch for 7.5 [8, 9] inches as follows:
Row 1: [K1, wyif, S1 purlwise, yb] repeat across, end k2
Row 2: [P1, wyib, S1 purlwise, yarn forward] repeat across, end p2
Essentially the stitches you slip on one row will be the stitches you knit or purl on the following row. (think tricky seed stitch). This fabric will not be stretchy.

Bind off and seam side closed leaving a hole for thumb. If you have the time and are feeling fancy you can knit these in the round and even add a thumb gusset. BUT come on, we are running out of holiday knitting time! They are designed to bee loose like Bombur's. For a tighter fit, work until it folds around your arm, just becareful as there is VERY little stretch.

wyif-with yarn in front
wyib-with yarn behind
yb/yf yarn behind/forward NOT to be confused with the british term Yarn Forward which is an american yarn over. Essentially return the yarn to a normal position for working the next stitch.

Seed Stitch Patch
Bulky Yarn
US 13

CO 4-6 sts depending on the width of your own hand. (2.5 sts per inch)
Row1: [K1,p1] across. Row 2: [P1,k1] across.
Knit 8-12 rows (depending on hand size), Bind off in pattern.
Attach to back of mitt.

Obviously you should make 2 of these for a pair of hands.

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bubbebobbie said...

Oh My goodness! How in the world did you do this so quickly? You amaze me!

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