Saturday, November 17, 2012

Knitting right along.

Things are busy here. While I have been busy writing and editing for the seekrit buch, amazingly talented yarn dyers have been hard at work.

I have been opening some beautiful packages of yarn, I hope to get to show you more, but some of the colours are seekrit buch colours....

This is from BCYarnings (Berry Colourful Yarnings)
Tardis blue, oooh! aaaah!

Bijou Basin makes a lovely sock yarn. I am soo looking forward to making yak socks. It is a bouncy and springy yarn. My feet get very cold in winter, and I whine about my injured ankle aching in the cold. How warm do you think 85% yak down is? I think it is going to be pretty wicked awesome!

Tibetan Sock Yarn in colours 10-072 and 12-072.

Tiny qiviut skeins, Cormo/Yak sport wt in grey , and Tibetan Sock

Hurricane Sandy Hat drives are springing up all over. If you live in Chico/Paradise/Magalia area, Aimee's Yarn Cafe on Clark Road (across from Black Bear) is collecting hats.

If you Knit or Crochet please consider donating. When my family went thru Hurricane Andrew 20 yrs ago, someone made each family a quilt. It was not a pretty quilt. The fabrics were crazy. But it was our only blanket. It meant so much to have that quilt. I still have it. It goes on picnics and wraps up babies on the couch in winter.
It may seem like a small thing, but it really means alot. If you have the time, find a local collection site for hats, coats, blankets, and warm some one's heart.

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Cambria said...

I'm now wondering if my toe (which I'm pretty sure I broke this summer, cause it still hurts me) is going to cause me trouble this winter?.. Maybe I need yak socks too...

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