Thursday, November 08, 2012

Interweave Knit Lab

We packed the car and headed to San Mateo for the west coast Knit Lab event.
This is always a fun show. I love the teachers and classes they offer...and you never know who is going to show up!
I was able to sit thru Nancy Bush's presentation on Estonia and the history of the shawls of Haapsalu while sitting next to Eunny Jang. Eunny was one of the first knitting blogs that I read when I was just learning how to knit something besides a scarf. I was so excited for her when she went to go work at Interweave. She is still completely delightful. Being in that class room sitting next to her, was a bit surreal. The journey that knitting has taken me on has been to places I have never expected, I am still amazed at the path!

While we were down there Maia, Anne Berke, Carl and Eileen of Bijou Basin and Slipped Stitches' Nick and Laura jined us for some culinary adventures. I actually ate fish and enjoyed it. ( I know this shocks some of you) But the highlight was the Indian food at Dosa Republic.

What about the fun stuff I brought home? Well I am glad you asked.

Chiaogoo Interchangable needles, the red set is the red lace, the black is the bamboo spin. These are from Mimi's Needle Basket. She sold out of them in under an hour! They are hard to keep in stock, and I am not surprised at the demand for them. I love the pointy tips and "not too slick" surface of the red lace. Last year I searched events to be able to find the fixed circulars, and it was difficult.  The blue and white needles were a present for our friend Sue, also from Mimi's Needle Basket.

Slipped Stitches has had brilliant Doctor Who Fabrics, limited editions of course. Magnets and the needle nook. Tactile yarn in Cashmere, alpaca and silk and Bijou Yak sock yarn.
I may have brought home a lot of Bijou Basin Yarns.

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