Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Work

With my work, homeschooling kids, Sam's work...we discovered that I do not actually have "day off". Now that Israeli dance and hebrew classes are no longer on Tuesday nites, I claimed Tuesday eve's for my own.
Especially with the book, I need an undistracted zone of time.
This sounds great. It has not happened really at all, crises or deaths or hospital visits always seem to creep in from his schedule. Last Tuesday I actually had a real evening to myself. Since I had finished all of the edits for the book, I thought I would begin with backing them up on a flash drive bought just for that purpose. ( I am a flash drive junkie. I love them, especially swirlie coloured ones)
I have no idea how it happened, but I some how DUMPED a freshly made cup of tea into my laptop.
It actually filled and was contained in the body of the keyboard. Little keys submerged. Drowning. By the time i stretched out my hands to pour it off, It went black and there was a faint 'zwooop' sound. It was like watching a cartoon. The only thing it needed was a lil smoke swirl drawn above it.

So since the kids were off from school, Sam actually took a week off from work, I took the week as a sabbatical as well.
No Computer obviously. No knitting.
Seriously, I think I was twitching. I did sneak in 2 rounds on a baby sock.
What did I learn?

Tea goes in a travel thermos even if I am not traveling.
Back up the flippin' files!
And there is no way "I can quit anytime" can be applied in my life towards knitting.

I am on a borrowed for the week computer. My dad who is awesome tech support, was able to save most of my files.(Seriously call Reliable Computer Solutions, even out of state remote assistance.)

So something pretty and shiny to distract us from the horrors:

Slipped Stitch Studios has been creating Doctor Who inspired bags and accessories.
Since I begged Laura to do these, I may own several. I may have shared own with Kate as well.
The 2 skein bag is my favourite, it holds 2 cakes easily and the beads go nicely in the pockets.

These are two secret yarns dyed especially for the book. I LOVE them. Beads are from Earthfire. (Wow, does she ship fast! )


bubbebobbie said...

Of all the addictions one can have, knitting creates instead of destroys...I like it! And inside and out...I love Slipped Stitches!
Hugs to you both (Laura and Heatherly)

Ruth said...

Ghastly tales you tell here! So blessed your dad is able to salvage at least some of those files for you....Keep knitting, it will help with that twitching thing. :-)

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