Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Work

With my work, homeschooling kids, Sam's work...we discovered that I do not actually have "day off". Now that Israeli dance and hebrew classes are no longer on Tuesday nites, I claimed Tuesday eve's for my own.
Especially with the book, I need an undistracted zone of time.
This sounds great. It has not happened really at all, crises or deaths or hospital visits always seem to creep in from his schedule. Last Tuesday I actually had a real evening to myself. Since I had finished all of the edits for the book, I thought I would begin with backing them up on a flash drive bought just for that purpose. ( I am a flash drive junkie. I love them, especially swirlie coloured ones)
I have no idea how it happened, but I some how DUMPED a freshly made cup of tea into my laptop.
It actually filled and was contained in the body of the keyboard. Little keys submerged. Drowning. By the time i stretched out my hands to pour it off, It went black and there was a faint 'zwooop' sound. It was like watching a cartoon. The only thing it needed was a lil smoke swirl drawn above it.

So since the kids were off from school, Sam actually took a week off from work, I took the week as a sabbatical as well.
No Computer obviously. No knitting.
Seriously, I think I was twitching. I did sneak in 2 rounds on a baby sock.
What did I learn?

Tea goes in a travel thermos even if I am not traveling.
Back up the flippin' files!
And there is no way "I can quit anytime" can be applied in my life towards knitting.

I am on a borrowed for the week computer. My dad who is awesome tech support, was able to save most of my files.(Seriously call Reliable Computer Solutions, even out of state remote assistance.)

So something pretty and shiny to distract us from the horrors:

Slipped Stitch Studios has been creating Doctor Who inspired bags and accessories.
Since I begged Laura to do these, I may own several. I may have shared own with Kate as well.
The 2 skein bag is my favourite, it holds 2 cakes easily and the beads go nicely in the pockets.

These are two secret yarns dyed especially for the book. I LOVE them. Beads are from Earthfire. (Wow, does she ship fast! )

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Knitting right along.

Things are busy here. While I have been busy writing and editing for the seekrit buch, amazingly talented yarn dyers have been hard at work.

I have been opening some beautiful packages of yarn, I hope to get to show you more, but some of the colours are seekrit buch colours....

This is from BCYarnings (Berry Colourful Yarnings)
Tardis blue, oooh! aaaah!

Bijou Basin makes a lovely sock yarn. I am soo looking forward to making yak socks. It is a bouncy and springy yarn. My feet get very cold in winter, and I whine about my injured ankle aching in the cold. How warm do you think 85% yak down is? I think it is going to be pretty wicked awesome!

Tibetan Sock Yarn in colours 10-072 and 12-072.

Tiny qiviut skeins, Cormo/Yak sport wt in grey , and Tibetan Sock

Hurricane Sandy Hat drives are springing up all over. If you live in Chico/Paradise/Magalia area, Aimee's Yarn Cafe on Clark Road (across from Black Bear) is collecting hats.

If you Knit or Crochet please consider donating. When my family went thru Hurricane Andrew 20 yrs ago, someone made each family a quilt. It was not a pretty quilt. The fabrics were crazy. But it was our only blanket. It meant so much to have that quilt. I still have it. It goes on picnics and wraps up babies on the couch in winter.
It may seem like a small thing, but it really means alot. If you have the time, find a local collection site for hats, coats, blankets, and warm some one's heart.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Misbegotten Waistcoat

A new Pattern out! I made this garment about 18 mons ago. It was accepted then the original company stopped publishing and I went back to submitting it. Tangled recently published it in their Fall 2012 collection. I present to you MISBEGOTTEN WAISTCOAT.

The Aqua one is In Miss Babs Yummy Sport Coventry colourway.
For those who remember Threnody, this design is also inspired by D M Cornish's Monster Blood Tattoo books. Kezziah and I LOVE the character Misbegotten Shrewd. This character is a turning point of the book, (NO SPOILERS) and begins to change thinking and perceptions.
Read these books!

My daughters and I were shopping together and a bit shocked that they needed to buy “Large” garments for their size 4 and 6 frames. The beauty of the shape of women is easily lost on labels, especially when those labels try to force us to fit to their ideal. Although it uses only simple rectangular shapes, the Misbegotten Waistcoat flatters all figure types, no matter if you were blessed with a bodacious booty or an ample bosom.
Using simple shapes and buttoned at the waist, Misbegotten magically slims and accentuates.

Beautifully Handmade glass buttons from Sheila and Michael ernst

24 sts/26 rows = 4” in stockinette stitch
30 sts/26 rows = 4” in pattern stitch unblocked (cable suckage)
US 6 - gauge 15sts (1 pattern/column repeat)=2” unblocked 2.5 inches

Interweave Knit Lab

We packed the car and headed to San Mateo for the west coast Knit Lab event.
This is always a fun show. I love the teachers and classes they offer...and you never know who is going to show up!
I was able to sit thru Nancy Bush's presentation on Estonia and the history of the shawls of Haapsalu while sitting next to Eunny Jang. Eunny was one of the first knitting blogs that I read when I was just learning how to knit something besides a scarf. I was so excited for her when she went to go work at Interweave. She is still completely delightful. Being in that class room sitting next to her, was a bit surreal. The journey that knitting has taken me on has been to places I have never expected, I am still amazed at the path!

While we were down there Maia, Anne Berke, Carl and Eileen of Bijou Basin and Slipped Stitches' Nick and Laura jined us for some culinary adventures. I actually ate fish and enjoyed it. ( I know this shocks some of you) But the highlight was the Indian food at Dosa Republic.

What about the fun stuff I brought home? Well I am glad you asked.

Chiaogoo Interchangable needles, the red set is the red lace, the black is the bamboo spin. These are from Mimi's Needle Basket. She sold out of them in under an hour! They are hard to keep in stock, and I am not surprised at the demand for them. I love the pointy tips and "not too slick" surface of the red lace. Last year I searched events to be able to find the fixed circulars, and it was difficult.  The blue and white needles were a present for our friend Sue, also from Mimi's Needle Basket.

Slipped Stitches has had brilliant Doctor Who Fabrics, limited editions of course. Magnets and the needle nook. Tactile yarn in Cashmere, alpaca and silk and Bijou Yak sock yarn.
I may have brought home a lot of Bijou Basin Yarns.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sneezing Sunday- Share the Bounty ( a bit late)

I collect cook books. We have cook books from the various regions we have lived in. I was pleased to have the opportunity to review Share The Bounty: Finding God's Gracethrough the Spirit of Hospitality by Benita Long.

This book includes recipes like Easy Brunswick Stew, Aunt Emma's Tea Cakes, Country Apple Pie, Grilled Chicken and Wild Rice Salad, Strawberry Rhubarb Bread, and Fireside Soup. Many of the recipes are fairly easy to make, BUT being jewish, I will be making substitutions. :0) Being a good southern book, it also has peach recipes. Sadly I am allergic to peaches, but the recipe for Blueberry Peach Coffe cake will definitely be appreciated by those who are able to eat peaches.

The recipes are beautifully presented, and the writing is like sitting down with a friend to swap recipes. I love filling up our home with people. Thanksgiving will be for about 40 people. I am planning our menu now and have been given great ideas through this book.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com <http://BookSneeze®.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 

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