Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Magic of Knit Nite

For 5 years now, the Paradise Knitting and Spinning Guild has met in a sitting room at an upscale retirement (GRACIOUS retirement) center. One of the things I love about where we meet is the people who live there and their stories.
I come from a people of story, not just because we belong to the people of the book, but that was a good guess on your part.
Given any subject at any time, some how we will have a story to go with it. Now matter how bizarre,  we will have a family story. "Remember the time the militant lesbians tied dad to a tree out side the Pentagon?" (true story BTW)

The men walk by and chat about the mechanics of the spinning wheels, the women ask what we are making and tell us of the things the made "once upon a time".
We live in a town with retired Hollywood actors,  experimental aircraft piolts, old rock and rollers. We know most of those stories. I am loving the unexpected stories.

So when we sit on the green and purple couches at Knit (and Spin) NIte, we have this amazing chance to hear stories.
"My mother was a master weaver in Italia, wove the linen for her wedding dress."
"I once played cello at the Neuschwanstein castle."
"I was in charge of the horses for William Hearst's estate. I got to ride every day."
"I was in Times Square on VJ Day. The crowd and excitement was amazing."

My daughters come with me to Knit (and Spin) Nite. They are nearly 17 and 15 and a half. This week I was asked about the women who were with me. They meant my daughters! Girls on the precipice of their own amazing lives, waiting to write stories that will one day be passed down. I am so proud of the women they are becoming.

My friend Brooke and I began Knit (and Spin) Nite because we just wanted to sit and enjoy knitting, spinning and crafting without worrying about paying fees to an LYS if our project yarn came was purchased out side the store, or not being allowed to talk about products that store didn't carry. The freedom to just laugh and hear the stories.

I am ever so thankful to Feather Canyon Gracious Retirement for opening their doors to us and letting us meet there on 5 years of Thursday nights.

Thank you for sharing your stories.


bobbie said...

Tears of joy, and because I missed this last one when the girls became women.... Love Knit night!

Cambria said...

That sounds like an awesome get-together night. I wish I was local and could come check it out :)

Ruth said...

Sounds awesome. Our Knit NIght has been meeting in my home for the last few years...since once the library was no longer available we didn't have just such a place as you secribed. We have to tell our own stories...:-)

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