Sunday, September 09, 2012

Look something ~*~Sparkly~*~

As we are in our 4th season of Super Sock Scarefest, the topic of sparkly yarn has come up.
For those of you who may be completely unfamiliar with Super Sock Scarefest, it is a KAL where all designs are based off scary movies, usually B movies. You gotta love scary movies and knitting, what else makes those stitches magically speed across the needles like adrenalin?
Scarefesters get a suplly list, and they get a movie to go with each design. Most often '"que-able"  via Netflix. But you never know what yarn will be next OR when a scary bonus that is lurking in the closet, is going to jump out and scare you.

AT SOME POINT, SOME ONE is going to need yarn with sparkles. You may of course substitute plain non-sparkly yarn (BORING), but maybe you need some help figuring out what the sparkles are and why you may want them.

1- It is shiny yarn. The sun hits it and its a total distraction from all other knitting. This is one reason why sparkly yarn should not be stored next to plain yarn. Other stash yarns just can't compete with sparkles.

2- SOME sparkly yarn gets its shine and shimmer from silver, REAL SILVER. The cool thing about this is silver is awesome for circulation and fighting bacteria. Diabetic socks and even Rx crocs have silver in them for the medical benefits.

3- Investing in SIlver yarn is awesome because as the price of silver goes up so does the value of your stash.

But not all sparkles are from silver. This is not bad, it just is not GLAMOROUS. Stellina is a sparkly fiber spun in with the wool. Spinners can actually by it to add to their own fiber as the spin.

The really awesome thing about Stellina is it comes in colours!

So I am going to share some of my sparkly hoard, I do feel a bit draconian about the shiny jewels. So look, but do not touch the sparkly yarn. It is difficult to photograph, but you get the idea.

Grinning Gargoyle Shimmer Gold (Stellina but golden)

Holiday Yarns Silver Sock (WITH actual Silver)and Dream in Color Starry (with lurex fiber)

Knit Picks Glimmer (Stellina)

Kraemer Sterling Silver and Silk (Silver and in a silk blend!)

Of course clickable links are included to aid in your shopping.

Know of other sparkles we can add to our stash? Please share!

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