Friday, August 31, 2012

The Sock Report Challenge-ContestClosed

Have you ever felt like everyone has all the cool books, yarn and knitting needles but you?

In my mailbox arrived the PRINTED version of The Sock Report, (available through Unicorn books). I did not get just one copy! So who wants to win a copy?
You could make these awesome socks:

Maybe you are asking, "How do I win my own Sock Report?"
Follow me on twitter and tweet this contest with the hash tags:  #NuppsAreCool #TheSockReport

Like YarnYenta Designs on Facebook. and leave a comment on the blog with your Rav Name or Twitter Name so I can actually contact you. If I can not get an address then I can not mail a prize.
Do all of this by Sept 15, (cuz high holy days will be coming and I will be crazy busy after that!)

But WAIT!!!! That is not all! I will also send you a skein of sock yarn and the needles to make the socks! (Chiagoo Red Lace circulars with pointy nupp friendly tips)

Do you already have The Sock Report? Check out the new Publication Skein Theory: The science of Knitting Happiness

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Name in Lights? Not Quite, but INK is sure wonderful

Last September after the Micro socks cam out in Knitty, I was asked if I would be interested in designing socks for The Knitter (UK). Now this just happens to be my favourite magazine. It is my Barnse & Noble excuse....which means it is a gateway read for me to go and buy more books at BN.
Shortly after that email, I found myself sitting at the ER waiting to hear if my grandfather was ok. While waiting, I sketched a chart on graph paper. In my purse was a small ball of yarn. We all know that knitting is calming, so what else would I do but cast on a swatch.

The socks, LarkRise, were recently published in issue 47 of TheKnitter. This is not quite available on this side of the pond. It should be on shelves mid August at BN.

I love the way they posed them, great colour play. These were knit from Dream In Colour Smooshy in Lagoon.

The socks are named after Flora Thompson's books and the BBC series based off the same, Lark Rise to Candleford. (Available on Netflix)

We discovered Lark Rise while Tirzah was preparing to go off to London for several months.

 As a mother of 6, who was sending my daughter out into the world, I connected to Emma Timmins played by Claudie Blakley, who was anxious about sending her 16 yr old daughter away from home.

In an episode Emma reads a poem “Gossamer threads” – “As I went on my way, / Gossamer threads spanned from bush to bush like barricades, / As I broke through one after another / I was taken by a childish fear / They are trying to bind and keep me here / But as I grew from girl to woman, I knew / The threads that bind me were more enduring than gossamer. / They were spun of kinship and love / Given so freely that it could never be taken away from me. “
These are the gossamer threads that connect us, bind us and some times are stretched and broken as we grow and venture out on our own.
When working on these socks, I highly recommend using the Cable Needle Ring from as it is the diameter of a sock needle. Leslie has an etsy shop now as well as her website:

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