Monday, July 16, 2012

Socially Archaic and Just Plain Silly

We all know the "look" we get from the non-fiber loving people, when we say "I knit" or "I spin". Stephanie Pearl McPhee captures our reactions and the public's reaction to "us" so well. It is always a pleasure to see her in person.
So when my friend Sue said, "Lets go see YarnHarlot!", no problem. It is a 3 hr drive. No Problem. It is at A Verb For Keeping Warm. YES!!!!! We HAVE to go!

I love AVFKW. I had never been to their store, but we see each other at Stitches West, I adore their booth, their fiber, the yarn, and of course their wonderful people. I have several friends who get the privilege of having AVFKW as their LYS. Which meant not only did we get to go to  Verb, we got to see Yarn Harlot, we got a girlie road trip and we got a mini reunion with some wonderful people.

Sue, Tirzah, Kezziah, Mom and I drove down and had the best night! We laughed so hard with Brenda Patipa and Leslie Comstock (the famous ChewyKnits), FiberBeat's Michael Wade who is always a joy to see. Then we turned around and drove back home.

Tirzah was so excited to get compliments on her sock from Stephanie.
I love that my 16 yr old loves the rockstars of the knitting world!

Kezzi had a hard time picking yarn, "It's like choosing between friends". She was too busy yarning to get to talk to Stephanie. (Tell me about it! I feel that way especially when the dyers are friends of mine! Shall I use Jennifer or Maia or Lisa for this project and will I put it in a project bag from Slipped Stitches or ErinLane? We know it will wind up in my Jordana Paige!)

My mother had no idea who YarnHarlot was other than we talked about her. She had never read a blog post or read her book, but she did remember talking to her at Sock Summit. (haha!) So now my mom is a full fledged, passport carrying Knitville dweller. She has turned her first heel, been to 2 knitting conventions, and has a Verb road trip to add to her knitting experiences.

Many thanks to Sue for instigating this wonderful night. I love you.


Leslie said...

Tell Sue many thanks from me too -- it was wonderful getting to see you again!

bobbie said...

Oh Man...I thought I had come for a visit...I just have to learn enough to attend Denny's Bi-craftual class at Sock Summit so I can spend time with my daughter. After all, I can crochet and Heatherly can do the "knit" part...right? So Heatherly teaches me how to cast on and the (then 9yo, now 10 yo) Zemeira teaches me to knit and Kezzi and Tirzah manage with great difficulty to teach me to purl and well Look at me now???? I actually have moved into Knitville and as I read the pages of "Cast Off" aloud to Mike...I think he will be content to live in this new state of mind... Thanks my sweet girl and tomorrow will Offically have my bag packed as I attend Jordana Paige's Pre-elclamsia benefit Sale! Twitter patted....mom2yarnyenta

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