Sunday, April 08, 2012

Reading along the dye pots

I recently picked up this book, Color: A natrual History of the Palette by Victoria Finay.

I really have enjoyed it so far. Wonder where did those colours originate? Victoria travels the world to find out. It is a pleasure to go on this journey with her, but I LOVE COLOUR!
The book is birthed from a childhood memory- “I remember my father taking me by the hand and telling me that the stained glass had been created nearly eight hundred years ago,” she says, “Today, he said, we don’t know how to make that blue. Sometime around about then I decided in my small but very determined heart that I would find out 'about the colors.' One day.”
Which reminds me to find those teachable moments with my own children. You never know what will spark their imaginations and put their feet in a specific direction.

Having some amazing friends who work with dyes and colorants, I knew a little bit about Indigo and cochineal beetles. Victoria has shared an incredible amount of information in this book in a warm, cozy way, as if you were sharing a cup of tea rather than sitting in a lecture hall.

There are quotes as well, which I also like to collect. Ofcourse, the Keats quote got the attention of the girls in the house. It was also one I could relate to. Knowing that colour is just light and how it bends and what we perceive colour to be. It does seem to take away the magic by “unweaving the rainbow by reducing it to a prism”. Victoria gives back a little of the magic in the myth, legends and colour lore that she discovers and weaves in with the historical and scientific bits.

Each chapter is based on a hue, and finally you reach "the end of the rainbow.
Come and learn the richness of the colours that we have sadly forgotten, in our hi-def and colour saturated world.

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